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46 or about 31% of our Specialists achieved or exceeded their 2018 sales targets while 29% of our Team Managers achieved the same. Public HC Segment registered the most number of Specialist Quotabusters followed closely by the URO HC Segment. All Segments contributed quotabuster achievers this year. However, only 4 out of 6 Segments registered Team Manager Quotabusters with Public

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Agile in 2019: The kick-off / Nascon in Review

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Last February 6-8, 2019, we celebrated our annual National Conference at the Bellevue Hotel, Alabang. It was a festive celebration as we opened our conference with an incredible carnival themed party inspired by the movie The Greatest Showman. There were ballerinas, jugglers, and contortionist all over the venue. Different sound instruments were given per Segment and Department as we entered

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