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New Marketlink’s mission of saving lives and improving the health of the Filipino people is such a noble and compelling reason to come up with this Scholarship Program. With health and medical services as one of the most pressing concerns in the country, this program aims to help continue giving services to the community. 

NMPC establishes this scholarship program to deserving students to attain their educational goals in medicine, meet their professional objectives and success to their fullest ability.  In return for their free education, the student is expected to be part of NMPC pool of lecturers and trainers.

 Primary award criteria for candidate:

·      Financial need – candidate’s family should be in the lower middle-class income bracket based on Philippine Institute         for Development Studies (PIDS) definition. 

·      Grade requirementapplicants must have earned a college cumulative grade point average of 90% or equivalent.           Each applicant must provide a certified or other official transcript as evidence of these grade requirements.

·      Community/Extracurricular involvement with leadership, awards and recognition are plus points.

       NMAT at 50th percentile ranking or better.
       Filipino citizen of good moral character
       Age up to 35 years old

       Area of study – medicine
       Period of study – from first year medical school until graduation (5 years).
       1 from a Mindanao school
       Number of scholars and school location
       1 from a North Luzon school

§  Born and residing away from big urban centers like Baguio, Dagupan, Davao and cagayan de oro
o  Candidate must be willing to sign a contract to work within his region for four (4) years.

       Qualifying Process
       Candidates will undergo interview with NMPC Mancom representatives.
       Appropriate exam (essay) may be administered.
      Home visit by NMPC Manager.

    Can be continuously availed for 4 years/5 years (depending on the degree program) provided that the grantee                  complies with the retention requirements.

       Full tuition fees + assessed miscellaneous fees, allowances + board & lodging.

       GPA of at least 85% or equivalent.
       No grade lower than 80%.
       No major offense.

 Application procedures:

·      Application form will be posted in the company website.

· Application form with additional information/documents must be sent via email addressed to HR – jraguas@nmpc.com.ph

·       Documents to attach: 
o   NMAT Result
o   College Diploma and Transcript of Records
o   Latest ITR of parents or guardian, if employed
o   Birth Certificate
o   Barangay Clearance
o   Recommendation letters from identified institutions/community official

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