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This pandemic has disrupted our homes and workplaces. The world has changed dramatically since Covid-19 virus erupted.  Organizations need to make a lot of adjustments and create new ways of working. Imposed lockdowns brought uncertainty and anxiety among employees.  The feeling of lethargy, stress out and dwindling inspiration is very common.

Companies have been forced to shift from on-site work to work from home arrangement.  The abrupt change has caused a dip in productivity and motivation of employee to get things done.  Work from home set up eliminates face to face interactions or team bonding thus achieving one’s maximum potential is hampered.

At NMPC, we have been generously exposed to different employee engagement programs that aim to help us cope with the situation and push us to the right direction towards our goals. Regular Friday virtual sessions on different topics that deal with the total wellness were held since May of 2020.  These are aimed to promote mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness in order to become effective in these challenging times. 

The over-all state of wellbeing of an employee affects his/her commitment and productivity. And when there are traces of doubt, it is good to know that the company supports and invests on its employees’ welfare.

I personally enjoyed the sessions like How Moods Affect our Performance and Oriental Exercises To Remedy Discomforts due to Prolonged Quarantine. These sessions are very handy and can be applied to our everyday lives.

This pandemic is far from over, so we need to consciously help ourselves to always be healthy, committed with what we do, and be more efficient workers in this new normal.



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