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No lockdowns and quarantine could deter the 25 sales force of NMPC in achieving their 2020 targets.  Composed of 20 Medical Specialists, 3 Team Managers, 1 Segment Head and 1 Brand Manager, these groups were declared as Sales Champions in the New Normal awarded during the virtual Awards Night last February 12, 2021.

With the imposition of lockdowns in the country for practically the whole year of 2020 coupled with the fear of getting infected with the Covid-19 virus, Medical Specialists were not allowed to do face to face coverage or hospital/clinic visits.  Customer MDs and even drugstores restrict work visits.  The Company implemented new ways of working utilizing technology.  Digital apps, webinars, and other virtual coverage and customer engagement activities have been established.

“The feat is more fulfilling as I am used to do face to face but with the restrictions imposed, I had to do my work digitally practically at home the whole time.  My creativity was challenged and eventually harnessed,” said one of the Quotabusters.

Another Champion posted: “Graced to hit my sales target despite the start of the pandemic last year. So many marketing plans were not executed and yet this achievement.  For my third year in the company, I got trophies.  Hard work really pays off in time.  This will keep me grounded.  Salamat sa Diyos.”

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