MultiHance, 0.5 M solution for injection

Solution for injection
Clear aqueous solution filled into colourless glass vials.
Osmolality at 37°C: 1.97 osmol/kg
Viscosity at 37°C: 5.3 mPa.s

Therapeutic indications
This medicinal product is for diagnostic use only.
MultiHance is a paramagnetic contrast agent for use in diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI) indicated for:
• MRI of the liver for the detection of focal liver lesions in patients with known or suspected
primary liver cancer (eg. hepatocellular carcinoma) or metastatic disease.
• MRI of the brain and spine where it improves the detection of lesions and provides
diagnostic information additional to that obtained with unenhanced MRI.
• Contrast-enhanced MR- angiography where it improves the diagnostic accuracy for
detecting clinically significant steno-occlusive vascular disease in patients with suspected or
known vascular disease of the abdominal or peripheral arteries.
• MRI of the breast, for the detection of malignant lesions in patients where breast cancer is
known or suspected on the basis of previous mammography or ultrasound results.


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