Supplements & adjuvant therapy.
Each soft-gelatin contains extracts of: Tripala (mixture of 3 equal parts of three myrobalan fruits including Terminalia chebulaTerminalia belericaEmblica officinalis) 25 mg.
ARTHRITE is a phytotherapy inspired Anti-arthritic which uproots the basic causes of the disease as well as treat the symptoms effectively.
Thus it provides relief from pain, halts or slows down degeneration of the joints, overcomes disability and results in long term improvement in the condition.
Boswellia & Guggul (Comiphora mukul), recent studies have proven that these herbs relieve inflammation.
Extracts of Vitex negundo and Fenugreek seeds provide natural pain mitigating action.
Tinospora cordifolia, turmeric and Ashwaganda are well-researched herbs providing antioxidant action and improving immunity.
Digestive tract cleansers in Arthrite help detoxify and prevent build up joint damaging free radicals in the body.
Piper longum enhances natural nutrient bioavailability.